🐳IceCubes Vaults

$ICUBE holders will have the opportunity to stake in our Vaults and be rewarded with other tokens. These represent dividend payouts as the IceCubes ecosystem grows!

Stake $ICUBE to earn other tokens!

Token holders will be provided with the opportunity to stake their $ICUBE to earn rewards in our Vaults. These rewards will be paid out in accordance with their respective pools, as compared to being paid out in $ICUBE.

If a user stakes $ICUBE in the USDC Vault, this user will earn $USDC as rewards. There will be no withdrawal fees on IceCubes Vaults.

Typically, projects release Vaults after a few days from Farm Launch. However, we have decided to release Vaults prior to Farm Launch! The first Vault released is the SPELL Vault, where users are able to stake $ICUBE or $SLUSH to earn $SPELL!

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