IceCubes Farms

Our Farms allow you to start earning high yielding returns just by providing liquidity!

Stake LP, Earn $ICUBE!

Our optimized yield farms have been optimized to provide some of the most competitive rates in the market. Simply provide liquidity and get ready to be rewarded!

Withdrawal Fees

For native Farms on IceCubes, no fees will be charged. This feature is designed to encourage and to maintain the price of $ICUBE, with high emphasis on high yields and zero fees.
For the non-native Farms, most yield farms commonly charge a deposit fee on staked LPs.
However, we will be introducing a 4% withdrawal fee on non-natives (as opposed to the typical deposit fee), which will enable investors to earn more rewards on their initial capital since their staked amounts are not immediately reduced. A summary is detailed below.
Withdrawal Fee
Native LPs
Non-Native LPs
Additional burn mechanics: 5% of each newly minted $ICUBE will be automatically burned when the harvest function is called upon. This helps reduce circulating supply and mitigate potential sell pressure, which will translate towards better $ICUBE price performance.

Liquidity Provider Guide

Here is a step by step guide to provide LP.
  • Step 1: Securely import $ICUBE and swap on the DEX.
  • Step 2: To stake an LP token, provide liquidity on the DEX.
  • Step 3: Select one of our Farms.
  • Step 4: Approve the contract, if it's your first time. Depositing will then be enabled.
  • Step 5: Deposit an amount for staking, and press "Confirm".
Once these steps have been completed, your LP tokens will have been staked and you can start earning $ICUBE!